The Destruction of ‘Colonial Remnants’

David Marples In late November 2016, Radio Svoboda held a programme on Ukraine’s ‘post-colonial status’ that featured comments from supporters and practitioners of Decommunisation. Its most notable feature was the sentiment that in spite of the progress made in 2016, many Ukrainians remain ignorant of their own history and trapped in a colonial mindset imposed […]

CIUS’ 40th Anniversary Conference

David Marples On October 14-15, the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) held its 40th anniversary conference at Lister Hall, University of Alberta. For the first time in twenty years, most experts on Ukraine and Ukrainian Canadian studies resident in Canada, and several from the United States, as well as one from the UK and two from Ukraine, […]


David Marples The Ukrainian conflict has been characterized by propaganda on both sides. Perhaps that is unsurprising in a military situation. But what is of note is that observers and analysts who would not appear obliged to take on partisan positions have sometimes done so. This article focuses on one such journalist whose name is instantly […]

An Interview with Śviatłana Aleksiejevič

David Marples and Yulia Shymko In 1998, we interviewed Śviatłana Aleksiejevič, at that time best known as one of Belarus’ dissident writers though beginning to achieve prominence. In 2015 she achieved instant world fame by winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. The interview still contains much of relevance to contemporary Belarus and thus it seemed worthy […]